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Get Back on the Right Track

At USCLG, we seek to impose structure on chaotic financial situations. We understand the emotional toll of harassing creditor phone calls, past-due bills in the mail, and the prospect of repossession and foreclosure—and it is our goal to stop it.

For nearly 30 years, our lead debt resolution attorney, Joe Rosenblit, has enforced and protected the rights of consumers burdened by heavy debt. Whether you need to develop a customized debt resolution strategy or defend against a debt lawsuit, contact our skilled debt relief attorney at today at 844-598-3565.

Find the Right Solution to Your Debt

When it comes to resolving debt, every situation is unique. At our firm, we will analyze your individual financial situation and develop a customized strategy to stop the cycle of collector harassment and intimidation. Whether we reduce your debt through negotiation, eliminate your debt through legal action, render the debt uncollectable due to lack of validation or file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the Law Offices of Joseph C. Rosenblit / USCLG can find the right solution for your debt issue.

For many Californians, debt carries a stigma. Perhaps you have considered inquiring about your debtor's rights in the past, but felt ashamed or that it would do no good. In fact, seeking a legal solution does not mean you have failed. It is simply a tool at your disposal to help manage your debt. At the Law Offices of Joseph C. Rosenblit / USCLG, we will work closely alongside you to develop an affordable and manageable debt relief plan that gets you back on the right track and restores your peace of mind.

Live Debt Free

The first step we take is to analyze your unique circumstances.  We will develop strategies for putting an end to the drama of intimidation and anxiety brought on by the collectors and attorneys coming after you.  Our  staff includes skilled and experienced negotiators,  paralegals and legal staff who are all well versed with the laws governing debt collection and our attorney who has over twenty-five years of litigation protecting the rights of consumers.

Debt negotiation is a process where the creditor will accept a lesser amount than what they claim you owe.   This can be a good option for consumers who can pay a portion of what they owe.

There will be some people who have simply developed such crushing debt that their only reasonable option is bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is not for everybody but we can offer it in a streamlined and affordable way.

USCLG Fights for Your Rights

 Over the years we have heard our clients’ horror stories of bill collectors harassing them at their workplace and at home with threats of jail, lawsuits, judgments and garnishments.

Typically consumers are unaware of such laws as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Rosenthal Act.  These are literally an amazing and under utilized set of laws designed to regulate the conduct of those involved in the collection of consumer debt.  USCLG aggressively uses these laws to bring the fight to the debt collectors.

Our law firm uses the laws to stop the harassing phone calls, the illegal attempt to collect unverified debt,  the artificial inflation of alleged amounts due, and challenge unwarranted lawsuits filed against you.  Additionally, we will sue violators of the laws and collect money damages on your behalf.

Get the Relief You Need Today

Don't let debt continue to overwhelm you. Get the relief you need today with help from our trusted and respected Fullerton firm. For a free consultation with a skilled debt relief lawyer, contact us today and get your finances back on the right track.